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Wellston ladies concert band
Wellston Ladies Concert Band
Wellston Floradora band
Wellston Floradora Band
Wellston Fire Dept and Central Scho
Wellston Fire Station and Central School on First Street

Wellston Hospital

Wellston Hoy Hospital located at intersection of Pennsylvania Ave. and 2nd Street
The following information was taken from a Wellston newspaper: The Hoy Hospital was established in 1896 and was the first hospital in southern Ohio that had a regular staff of physicians. The hospital catered to the coal miners in the area. Every month they paid into a fund that was established specifically for hospital care. Membership in the fund entitled miners to room and board in the hospital if they became sick or were in accident. The hospital was best known because it had all the modern conveniences of the time such as electric lights, hot and cold water, an elevator to transport patients to the upper floors (where most of the surgeries and medical procedures took place) and the best beds in the state. I am unsure when it closed down but Dr. Hoy died around 1924 while in Columbus, most likely visiting his son who was a surgeon there. In later years the building housed the dental office of Dr. John Butler and optometrist Dr. Raymond Grady. The Waugh Insurance Co. was also located there for many years and the upper floors were used as apartments. Today there is a boutique store there and I believe that the upper floors are still being utilized as apartments.
Information via Larry Patrick


Wellston First Street

Wellston First street with Fire Department on the right
A Fifty-Thousand Dollar Fire in the Heart of the Metropolis
Wellston, Ohio, is in wailing. Friday morning last at 8 o'clock a fire originated from a defective flue and before it could be arrested burned up something like $50,000 worth of property. The Bank, Atkinsons big store, Carraci's Hotel, Harrison & McGee Drug Store, Greenburg's store, saloons, residences and shops for the length of a square were entirely consumed. Much of the loss is covered by insurance.
10 March 1891 Waverly Courier
Wellston Lincoln Hotel
Lincoln Hotel in the Leech building in Wellston, OH
Wellston G. B. Woodrow store in 189
Wellston G. B. Woodrow Hay and Feed
Wellston Opera House
Opera House on First Street
Wellston's Cutts Building
Clutts Building
Wellston Cultts Building Fire 1923

Clutts Building fire January 18, 1923 destroyed $165,000 worth of property , including the clock that had cost $1,500, the Wellston Hardware Co., the Elks clubroom, offices of E.H. Willis, Harry B. Reese, J.H. Brown, and the T.D. Clutts Coal Co.


Wellston Elks Hall
Elks Hall and The Melvin Tilley Hardware

Wellston High School Class going to class day program at the M. e. Methodist church

Wellston High School Class of 1911 going to class day program at the M. E. Methodist Church

Wellston's Rogan Hotel c 1920s
Rogan Hotel c. 1920s, Wellston,, Ohio. Rogan Hotel was originally named the Bundy House
Wellston's Rogan Hotel
Rogan Hotel, Wellston, Ohio. Rogan Hotel was originally named the Bundy House
Soldiers Monument abt 1907
Soldiers Monument abt 1907, Wellston, Ohio

Wellston 1908J.G.Long Store

Note L. G. Long store on the right about 1908

Wellston Broadway Street abt 1907
Wellston Broadway Street looking east
1907 Broadway St. Wellston
1907 View of Broadway St., Wellston, Ohio
T. J. Morgan Home, Wellston, OH
T. J. Morgan Home, Wellston, OH

T. J. Morgan, retains fame largely on the basis of his splendid mansion completed in 1905. Stipulations put into the building's deed by his daughter state that neither dancing be held in the third floor ballroom nor any type of alcoholic drinks served or kept in the building. Since 1940, the one- time home has served as the Wellston city hall.

T. J. Morgan in 1901 became the first president of the Raleigh Coal & Coke Company in Raleigh, in that year the coal company arranged a lease for 10,000 acres of land in Raleigh Co., WV and in the same year began operation.

Wellston OH Pennsylvania Ave. c1914
Wellston's T. J. Morgan
T. J. Morgan
"T.J. Morgan, of this review, was reared at his parental home, acquired his education in the public schools and throughout his business career has been identified with the coal-mining interests of this state. In 1876 he went to Carbondade, Athens county, where he remained as a representative of the coal industry until 1884, when he came to Wellston to assume the management of the business of the Wellston and Milton Coal companies,—two of the largest in Jackson county. Situated in the midst of the most noted and richest coal fields of Ohio, and operating what is known as the Wellston shaft, they produce from one hundred and twenty-five to one hundred and fifty carloads of the Jackson Hill coal daily. This extensive business is all under the superintendency of Mr. Morgan, whose splendid executive ability is here manifest in the successful conduct of these mines. He has keen foresight, sound business sagacity, great energy, and as a manager is able by his fair treatment of his employers to secure their best services, as they realize that their own interests will thereby be promoted. His methods are above question and he is regarded as a man of the utmost reliability and trustworthiness. He is a worthy exemplar of the Masonic fraternity, and in social, business and political circles is widely and favorably known." from History of Republican Party in Ohio Vol. 2

"T. J. Morgan--Prominent Coal Operator and Capitalist Dies At Wellston Sunday Evening
After an illness covering several years due to paralysis, T. J. Morgan, one of the prominent coal operators of the county, passed to his reward at his palatial home in Wellston. He had been confined to the house for 3 years but was cheerful and hopeful throughout. In early life he taught school and later engaged in the coal business and made a phenomenal success and amassed a splendid fortune.
The deceased was a splendid type of the self-made man and model in all respects. He was aged about 63 years and leaves a wife and one daughter, Mrs. John Wright. The funeral will take place today, Wednesday at 2 p.m. and will be in charge of Jackson Commandery K. T." Wednesday, November 17, 1909 Jackson Herald

T J Morgan House Nov 2010 front
T. L. Morgan House 22 November 2010
photo by Tyrone Hemry
T. J Morgan House Nov 2010 rear view
T. J. Morgan House rear view 22 November 2010
photo by Tyrone Hemry
Wellston former city hall
Former City Hall, Wellston, Ohio
Wellston's Harvey Wells school
Harvey Wells School
Wellston Harvey Wells School
Harvey Wells School, Wellston, Ohio
Wellston Catholic School
Wellston Ohio Catholic School
Wellston Central School
Wellston new central Grade School

Wellston old school

Wellston Old Central School
Wellston ?1948-49 third grade class
?1948-49 third grade class, Wellston Central Elementary School
Wellston's Old High School
Wellston Old High School
Wellston original Telegram Building
Original Telegram Building

The Telegram was started by Benjamin Griffith in Coalton in the 1880s and was known as The Coalton Times. H. V. Speelman and Frank Smallwood purchased the paper and moved it to Wellston and it became The Wellston Republican. In 1893 Speelman and Smallwood sold the paper to Mrs. E. E. Burton and her son Elmer G. Hull, who changed the name to The Wellston Telegram. Hall became editor and business manager until 1898 when the paper was then sold to the family of John Sylvester, then a student of journalism at The Ohio State University. The Sylvesters owned the paper until 1964 when Larry Townsend took over. In 1972, G. B. "Bernard" McKinniss took over and owned it until January 1981. Stephen P. Keller then owned it for the next 24 years. In the mid-1990s the named was changed to The Telegram, reflecting a very solid two county circulation. Alan Stockmeister became the 8th owner when he purchased the newspaper in January 2005.

Wellston-Jackson Thanksgiving Football game
Wellston - Jackson Thanksgiving football game 1905
Wellston football team 1912

Wellston Football team 1912

Wellston High School 1938 team

Wellston High School 1938 back

Wellston High School 1938 Golden Rockets Football team
Wellston Beltway Depot at Wellston

Wellston-Jackson Belt Depot at Wellston was built in 1891 to serve both the Wellston and Jackson Belt Railroad and the Columbus, Hocking Valley, & Toledo Railroad. It was restored in 1992 as a historical site and used now used as a community center.

photo by Tyrone Hemry
Wellston Old Depot and trains
If this was the B&O Depot then it would have been about 300 yards to the south of the Wellston & Jackson Belt Railway depot with the tract on the right being that of the W& JB RR.
D & T & I depot at Wellston
D T & I Wellston depot

Brought about by the closing of many coal mines, near the end of 1929 permission to abandon the 17-mile D T & I Wellston branch was given by the ICC.

Wellston-Dr. Rogers in front of off

Wellston-Dr. Rogers in front of office-C 1910

Wellston Pennsylvania Ave. looking north

Pennsylvania Avenue looking north
Wellston Pa. Avenue
Pennsylvania Avenue in Wellston
Wellston Pa Avenue c 1914
View of Pennsylvania Ave., Wellston c 1914
1910 view of Pennsylvania Ave., Wellston
1910 View of Pennsylvania Ave., Wellston, Ohio

Wellston post office

Wellston Post Office
1940s Wellston Post Office
1940s Wellston, Ohio Post Office
Wellston & Jackson Fuel Co. front
The Wellston & Jackson Fuel Co. card front side.
Wellston & Jackson Fuel Co. back


The Wellston & Jackson Fuel Co. card back side. Note the names of the various coal companies.

Wellston Ice & Storage coupon book
Wellston Ice & Cold Storage Co. coupon book

This was used in the 1940's up into the 1950's when ice production ended. The huge building was the tallest in the city and was a remarkable structure. The Ice Cold Storage building was demolished in 2001. Wellston lost this historic building when it was purchased to make way for a new hotel that still has not appeared on the barren lot.

Wellston Alma Cement Co in color

Wellston Alma Cement Company

Wellston Alma Cement Company

Alma Cement Company

Wellston Air Mail

$5.00 Wellston First National Bank

$5.00 First National Bank of Wellston, Ohio
Wellston Morgan Brothers token fron

Wellston Morgan Brothers token front.

Wellston Morgan Brothers token back

Wellston Morgan Brothers token back

Wellston Day Brothers token

Day Brothers token

Wellston Day Brothers token back

Day Brothers token back

John Weber Token
John J. Weber Token, Wellston, Ohio
Wellston Westlake Dairy
Westlake Dairy Co. bottle caps
Wellston's Harvey Wells
Harvey Wells

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