Coalton (Eurekeville) and Glenroy Yester Years updated 24 October 2013

Coalton, Eurekeville When the post office came to what is now Coalton in December, 1876, it was known as Eureka, but there was another Eureka in Gallia County. So the Eureka in Jackson County became Eurekaville. On July 1, 1879, the name of the post office was changed to Coalton "because the only producing agency in Eurekaville was Coal and Coal was mined by the TON.  At one time Coalton had 26 bars.

Coalton Royalty 2012

Here is the 2012 Coalton Royalty! They are BEAUTIFUL and represented Coalton so well. They are all so beautiful, not only on the outside, but also on the inside. They donated time to the Village Events - and made sure they were in all the parades to represent our village. Thank you Coalton Royalty!!! Cynthia A. Ward's photo


Coalton, OH Birdseye view

Birds eye view of Coalton


Coalton Main St looking east
Coalton Main Street looking east
Coalton, Oh Main Street
Note Hocking Valley RR Depot on left located at the SE corner of Church and Second Streets
Coalton Hocking Valley Depot
Coalton Hocking Valley Depot at the SE corner of Church and Second Streets. This was also a stop on the Wellston Jackson Belt Railway

Coalton Hocking Valley depot

Coalton Hocking Valley Depot at the SE corner of Church and Second Streets.

My name is Chris Essman and my Grandfather had this old photo of the Coalton, Ohio train station. My Grandfather's oldest brother Frank Essman worked for the Railroad; Grandpa said Frank did the run from Coalton to Dayton. Frank married Helen L Mahle on June 21 1917, where they then resided in Dayton, Ohio. Frank was 17 years older then my Grandfather Bob Essman and he always looked up to him. 

Robert "Bob" Patrick Essman 1910-1991
Brother of Frank Essman 1893-1963

picture curtesy of Chris Essman

Coalton B & O depot
Coalton C H & D (later B & O) depot
This station was on the west side of Brodaway Street north of Main Street. The station sat between the main line and a siding. The Coalton depot closed Sept. 1st, 1932.
G.E. Christman worked there for 48-1/2 years.  He was married to Caroline Scott. Her father was Alfred M. Scott "who was educated in the public schools at Coalton, also attended school at Washington Court House, and in 1894 was graduated from the high school at Coalton.  For about eight years he was associated with the dry goods and clothing business at Coalton, after which he went on the road as a traveling salesman for a wholesale grocery house at Marion.  He was on the road a year and then took up the contracting business, and is one of the widely experienced men in concrete road construction. He built the first concrete road in Jackson County. He is still a concrete contractor, devoting most of the summer months to that business, while the rest of the season he uses his teams for farm work. He operates four farms in Jackson County.  Mr. Scott was elected county treasurer in the fall of 1922, his two year term beginning in September, 1923. He is one of the very substantial citizens of this section. He is a Presbyterian, a Knight Templar Mason, a member of the Knights of Pythias, and is affiliated with the Jacksonian Club, the Country Club and the Jackson Chamber of Commerce." Volume IV, page 443-444 The Education and the Press, Toledo University

Coalton-Ray Residence-c1908
Ray Residence-c1908
Steve Eisnaugle reports that it was used by Dr Ray as a hospital/doctor office/their home. Mary Carpenter Ray, was my cousin.
Peggy Rowe Lanier repots that Earl and Mary Ray along with their children Joe and Jeanette lived in the home.
The home has been torn down and a car wash sets there now.
Coalton Methodist Church
Coalton Methodist Episcopal Church
Coalton M E Church
Coalton Methodist Episcopal Church
Coalton, OH U B church
Coalton United Brethren Church
Coalton 1st Baptist Ch July 3, 2012
Coalton First Baptist Church June 2012
photo by Tyrone Hemry
Coalton Tom Corwin Farm Ad 1924

Coalton Tom Corwin Farm Ad 1924

Coalton origional school
Coalton original school

Coalton last school

Coalton's last school
Coalton High School, Juniors, Sopho
Coalton High School, Juniors, Sophomores and Freshmen, February 2, 1928
(Some of the people in the top row look older, so they may have been teachers). I don't have the names, only know Haydn Brohard (born Sep 1911); he is 3rd from right, 2nd row from bottom.
picture and information by  Maria Collins
Gym at Coalton School Jan 2009
The Old Coalton Gym photo by Tyrone Hemry

Coalton Coal Twp. High School closed at the end of the 1963-1964 School year. Their mascot name was the Vikings and the school colors were Blue and Yellow.

There basketball team prior to closing the school, I think, were members of the SVAC for a few years, with Hannan-Trace, North Gallia, Kyger Creek, Southwestern, Racine Southern-Meigs, Reedsville Eastern-Meigs and I think former Union Furnace High School in Hocking County.

I know they used to play then Richmondale Southeastern-Ross who was the big rival game between the Coalton Vikings and Richmondale SE-Ross Panthers. Beaver and Stockdale High Schools in Pike County who were also rivals with Coalton. Bloomfield, Scioto Twp., Washington Twp., Wellston and Oakhill High Schools in Jackson County, Shade, Albany and Carbonhill High Schools in Athens County which is now Albany Alexander High School formed in 1967. I know they used to play against all the Vinton County former High Schools too. McArthur, Allensville, Zaleski, Vinton Rural, Wilkesville-Wilton and Hamden High Schools.

The fourth school to have football in Jackson County was the Coalton Vikings. They started the sport in 1939. On October 13, they played Beaver, in what was also the first game ever for the Pike County team, and Coalton won 48-0. They finished 2-2 that year, beating Beaver twice and losing to The Plains and Rio Grande.

Coalton played for three seasons, then missed from 1942 through 1945 because of World War II. They rekindled the sport in 1946, having their best season ever with a 4-1-1 record, losing to McArthur and tying Blackfork while defeating Blackfork, Rutland and the reserve teams of Jackson and Wellston.

The Coalton Vikings played their final game on November 13, 1953, a loss to Russell, Ky. that ended a winless season of seven games.

Coalton consolidated with Wellston High School starting in the 1964-1965 school year. When I was in Junior High at Wellston, Coalton School went from K-thru-8th grade. I remember picking up their Football Players on the Bus when we were going to play against the Waverly Tigers in a Junior High Football game. I also remember their Junior High Basketball Team defeating our 8th grade basketball team at the Coalton Gym in a close one. The Coalton Gym was really a little one and had a tile floor instead of wooden floor.

Wellston had a Varsity Basketball and Assistant Football Coach when I attended Wellston High Schools by the name of Coach Jenkins who graduated from Coalton H.S. My neighbor who lives beside me in Chillicothe is a 1959 graduate of Coalton H.S.

Coalton was utilized as a 4-5th grade school, I think, before they finally closed the building a few years back and have since torn down the school. The old Gym was left but the Village has done nothing with it. I believe the gym building is falling down.

(The following was found on the internet written by Amy and we have modified it slightly)

From Pam Smith concerning ythe Coalton school colors. Coalton colors were NOT blue and yellow. They initially were gray and scarlet and later just red and white. They did not become blue and yellow until after the Wellston school district took over the district. Since the Coalton Alumni Association meets every year on the Saturday before Memorial Day - I'm sure any of those people could tell you that lines from their Alma Mater say "to the gray and scarlet, always be true......Yea Coalton High School we salute to you!"

Coalton Louis Baird


Louis Baird "Pat" Duncan (October 6, 1893 in Coalton died July 17, 1960 in Columus, Ohio. Louis made his major league baseball debut July 16,1915. He played outfielder from 1915 -1924 for the Cincinnati Reds and Pittsburg Pirates. Duncan was 5'9" tall weighing 170 lb and batterd right and threw right. He died at the age of 66 and is buried in Fairmount cemetery, Jackson County, Ohio.

Coalton's Pat Duncan baseball card


Glen Roy had two depots.  The Hocking Valley, also used by the Welston Jackson Beltway, was on the west side of 1st Street on the north side of the tracks. The Ohio Southern (later know as DT&I) was between 1st and 2nd Streets on the north side of the tracks. The station was gone by 1921.


Coalton's Miners store in 1880

Coalton Miner's Supply Company store in 1880

On the National Register of Historic Places and once the Miners' Supply store that also carried groceries, the structure is along OH 93 in Coalton, Ohio.

The now-vacant structure is historic because it was the first business to use a cash register.

"The National Cash Register Company was founded by John H. Patterson in Dayton, Ohio. Patterson (1844-1922), hoping the machines could save him money by reducing accounting errors in his supply business, purchased the patent rights to the cash register from James Ritty in 1884. Within six months, he reduced his debt and showed a profit. Patterson built the first National Cash Register factory on his family's farm in Dayton in 1888. By the turn of the century, the company had become one of the largest employers in Dayton. Known for his strict training program for salespeople and health and education programs for employees, Patterson was closely involved in the daily lives of many of his workers." Creator Ohio Federal Writers' Project picture date January 30, 2012

Coalton Minors Store July12, 2012 
Coalton Miner's supply store as it looked on July 12, 2012
 photo by tyrone Hemry

Coalton Bridge project delayed

Coalton Bridge project
Famous people born in Coalton

James Allen Rhodes, former Govenor of Ohio who served four four year tearms, was born in Coalton September 13, 1909, to James and Susan Howe Rhodes, who were of Welsh descent. When Rhodes was nine his father died and the family moved to north Springfield where Rhodes graduated from Springfield High School where he played on the football team.

Isham Jones was born January 31, 1894 in Coalton, to a musical and mining family, and grew up in Saginaw, Michigan, where he started his first band. In 1911 one of Jones' earliest compositions "On The Alamo" was published by Tell Taylor Inc. (Taylor had just formed a publishing company the year before when his song "Down By The Old Mill Stream" became a big hit.)

The Isham Jones band made a series of popular gramophone records for Brunswick throughout the 1920s

Coalton Samuel LewellynCoalton Samuel Lewellyn gravemarker

Samuel Lewellyn

James M. Compston, 1837-1888, "Civil War Congressional Medal of Honor Recipient. At age 25 he enlisted in the Union Army, and was mustered in as a Private in Company D, 91st Ohio Volunteer Infantry on August 14, 1862. He was awarded the CMOH for his bravery in action during August to November 1864 in the Shenandoah Valley Campaign, Virginia. His citation reads "Capture of flag." He served through the end of the war, and he was honorably mustered out on June 24, 1865 at Cumberland, Maryland. His Medal was issued to him under the name of "James Cumpston", and he is still officially listed that way." (bio by: Don Morfe)

Glen Roy, Named for Andrew Roy who founded it and who was Ohio's first Chief of Mines Inspector. The "glen" refers to a Scottish mountain valley. Name changed to Glenroy 12 Jul 1893. Post office was discontinued 30 Jul 1921

Glen Roy M E church

Glen Roy Methodist Episcopal Church
Glen Roy, Ohio School Build abt 1910
Glen Roy, Ohio School Building abt 1910
This 6 room school building was built in 1895 and used until 1944 when it was condemned and torn down.